In 1968, runner Tommie Smith won first place in the 200m dash at the Olympic Games in Mexico City. During the awards ceremony, Smith and his fellow American runner, John Carlos, staged a political protest against racial injustice in America. On the podium, the two runners lowered their heads and gave a Black Power salute, a sign of solidarity in the face of discrimination. The controversial gesture created one of the most iconic moments of protest in the 20th century.

Artist Glenn Kaino, in collaboration with Tommie Smith, presents an ongoing project titled “Bridge” which uses the gesture as a jumping off point for a larger discussion about political action and how iconic imagery can change history. The “Bridge” installation at mk The Restaurant is modeled after the image of a suspension bridge, but is composed of casts of Tommie Smith’s arm, the same arm raised in salute at the Olympics. 

Courtesy of Kavi Gupta Gallery

you can see this magnificent piece in our dining room!

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