three martini lunch at mk the restaurant in chicago

june 10: three course, three martini lunch

do you have an insatiable thirst for the finer things, like a leisurely and lavish lunch and the perfect martini?

join us and our friends from Table8 for a throwback lunch at 12:33pm on friday, june 10th. details and reservations here.

learn to make barbeque sauce with chef erick williams for father's day

#cookatmk: barbeque sauce for father’s day

we’re excited to announce a special father’s day #CookAtmk: learn to make barbeque sauce just in time for one of the biggest grilling holidays of the year with chef erick williams. click here for tickets.

in addition, since relaxation and barbeque go hand-in-hand, all participants will receive a complimentary initial consultation and treatment from our staff’s favorite chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Dzieken.

the price of the class is $30/person, which includes a $20 gift certificate to mk (which you can use for dinner that night or hold on to) as well as a bottle of County Barbeque sauce!

mk churro tots for cinco de mayo in chicago

cinco de mayo churro tot special

do the unexpected this year for ‪#‎cincodemayo‬: try our special churro tots created by pastry chef lisa bonjour. because how often can you celebrate this special occasion with fancy dessert?

available today and today only.

mother's day complimentary gift bag at mk the restaurant in chicago

mother’s day: complimentary gift bags for all moms!

we’re bringing back the mother’s day gift bag this year! (at no cost to you!)
bring your mom in this sunday for dinner, and we’ll treat her to:
– a $25 gift card to p.45, our favorite clothing boutique
– a $25 gift card to Michael & Michael salon
– a $25 off her next visit via our new loyalty app
– a coffee cake from pastry chef lisa bonjour
– plus custom menus upon request!
reservations here.


administrative assistants’ day is april 27th

administrative assistants’ day is coming up fast!
if you have a wonderfully helpful admin in your life, send them our way and choose between one of these packages to make it a memorable night!


pastry chef lisa bonjour pound cake at mk the restaurant in chicago

april 24: #cookatmk with pastry chef lisa bonjour

spots have officially opened up for a special mother’s day #cookatmk: learn to make a mom-approved coffee cake with pastry chef lisa bonjour.

in addition, enjoy a complimentary rhubarb bellini as well as a take-home gift of rhubarb syrup to make your own!

the price of the class is $20/person, however if you stay for dinner, the class is free: the $20 from your ticket will be taken off of your final bill. tickets here.

michael kornick's pot au feu recipe at mk the restaurant

did you miss the last #cookatmk?

don’t worry! we have chef michael kornick’s trusty pot-au-feu recipe from the last class here:


4-6 pounds square cut chuck roast or brisket
6 beef short ribs
6 large carrots
3 turnips
1 spanish onion
1 large leek
20 small new potatoes
6 large stalks celery
1 head green cabbage
1 garlic bulb
1 small beef shank bone or oxtail or marrow bone
1 gallon beef broth/bouillon bouquet garni: thyme, peppercorn, clove, bay leaf


1. Bring the beef, short rib and oxtail to a simmer in the broth in a heavy-bottomed stock pot. Skim frequently.
2. Cook gently for 1 hour, then add the bouquet garni and the vegetables (except the potatoes).
3. Simmer until the vegetables are tender–about another hour.
4. Remove the vegetables and set aside.
5. When the meat is tender, remove from the liquid.
6. Add the potatoes, then cook another 20 minutes until the potatoes are tender and return everything to the pot to heat up.
7. When hot, place the meat on a platter to slice.
8. Serve with the vegetables and broth in a soup plate.
9. Serve the sauces and hot crusty bread on the side.


horseradish cream
4 oz white prepared hot horseradish
1 cup sour cream
3 tbl fine rondels of chive

combine ingredients, let sit overnight

egg & parsley gribiche
4 hard cooked eggs, peeled & grated
1 cup olive oil
2 tbl dijon mustard
1/8 cup flat leaf parsley, chopped
1/8 cup tarragon leaves, chopped
1 shallot minced
1/8 cup chopped capers
1/8 cup chopped cornichons

combine all ingredients.

buche de noel class at mk the restaurant in chicago

monthly #cookatmk

every month, one of our chefs leads a #cookatmk session on a sunday afternoon in our second floor private dining room. classes are generally $20 (with a few exceptions) or free if you stay for dinner. registration opens up exactly one month in advance here on the website and on our email list. email to be added to the mk email list.

april 10, 4:30pm: three soups, one blender with chef erick williams. plus how to choose a delicious & inexpensive riesling. tickets here.
april 24: coffee cake for mother’s day with pastry chef lisa bonjour, plus a rhubarb bellini and a take-home gift of house rhubarb syrup to make your own bellini. tickets here.
june 12: father’s day cooking class: learn to make your own barbecue sauce with chef erick williams. plus a refreshing lemonade cocktail. tickets here.
july 17: a tequila-inspired picnic: mexican ceviche, sopes, and a tequila cocktail
august 14: late summer fruit cobbler with pastry chef lisa bonjour
sept 18: tomato & cheese tart
oct 9: savory fairytale pumpkin galette
nov 13: the many sides of turkey: learn to carve it, use the bones for stock, use the stock for gravy, and use the scraps for tacos with chef erick williams.
dec 11: we’re bringing back the buche! learn to make the classic buche de noel cake with pastry chef lisa bonjour (the class that started them all!)

*classes far into the future subject to minor changes

tuna dish on the mk french inspired tasting menu

new french tasting menu

our new tasting menu celebrates our favorite french techniques and flavors (like this ahi tuna course), and is probably more affordable than you think. 79/person for five courses.

or go all out: splurge and add wine pairings for each course for a total of 119/person for food and wine.

view the full menu here.

learn to make pot pie at mk chicago with chef erick williams

winter comfort food cooking classes

sunday, february 28th

learn to make & then sample chicken pot pie with chef erick williams & hot apple buttered rum with beverage director jordyn sotelo.


sunday, march 13th

learn to make & then sample pot au feu de boeuf (pronounced pot aw fuh day boof), an ancient french dish of beef & vegetables cooked in broth, with chef michael kornick along with a cocktail of green chartreuse, an herb-based liqueur originating around the same time.

each class is $20 or free when you stay for dinner.
NOTE: both classes are full, but stay tuned here to hear about our next monthly class!